Chasing Coral documentary tackles the death of the world's coral reefs

Other | Monday 23rd October 2017 | David

Coral reefs are arguably the most beautiful things on Earth, so the fact that they are rapidly disappearing is nothing short of a tragedy.

The new feature-length documentary Chasing Coral features a team of divers, photographers and scientists examining why and how these marvels of the natural world are slowing disappearing. As you can probably guess, global warming is a key factor.

The film was directed by Chasing Ice's Jeff Orlowski and won the award for 'Best Feature Documentary' at the 'Boulder International Film Festival'. It was also nominated for the 'Environmental Media Award' for 'Best Documentary Film'.

Chasing Coral is now streaming on Netflix, and demands your immediate attention. Because it is clear that coral reefs won’t be around forever, it is now more important than ever to film and document their existence.

If you would like to get involved, you can also make a donation to the Marine Conservation Society here.