With Tone & Frost, respect is earned

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 18th September 2017 | Phil

Having reunited just last year after 20 years apart to make the Veteran EP that featured top spitters including the likes of Sadat X, J Ro of Tha Liks, and Ruste Juxx, Binghamton’s Tone Chop reunites with the through and through boom bap producer Frost Gamble for ‘Respect is Earned Not Given’, a record that is another great showcase for the talents of both men. Check out the 2nd track lifted from the Veteran EP just below.

With a selection of moods projected through the beats and rhymes on 'Respect is Earned Not Given', you can get down and gritty with tracks like ‘Walk the Walk’ and ‘Get Beat Down’, or even take a moment out with the soulful sentimentality of ‘In The Streets’ or the outro track ‘See You Again’.

Tone Chop’s east coast heritage oozes through his straight up hard, snail-paced delivery, a style that works in perfect sync with relocated Canadian Frost Gamble’s chunky mid to late nineties boom bap sound, with the beats generally a few bpm slower that your regular boom bap speed, an element that adds more weight to Tone's already stone cold punches.

Released on the third largest indie label in the U.S called 22 Entertainment, a label that also distributes for Harlesden’s very own Da Flyy Hooligan, Tone & Frost’s new record hits the notes as if they were any other thoroughly and well established act. Having been underground champs for a minute, they are now looking to fully secure themselves a nice warm seat at the global rap dinner table. With features not only including Kool G Rap and Queensbridge hardcore rap vet Tragedy Khadafi, with whom Tone is working on a LP with, but also fellow underground heavyweight Planet Asia and DNA of Grind Time/Don't Flop battle fame, Tone & Frost look set to continue on their upward trajectory with another quality record to add to their ever growing solid back catalogue.

Tone Chop & Frost Gamble’s ‘Respect is Earned Not Given’ is set for release on 27th September and you can pre-order it here. Check out their album sampler just below.

    Tone Chop -  SoundCloud 

Frost Gamble - SoundCloud