Bully Return Fiery As Ever With Their Newest Single

Indie | Thursday 10th August 2017 | Rachel

Bully burst onto the scene in 2015 with their debut album Feels Like. Together with guitarist Clayton Parker, Reece Lazarus on bass and Alice Bognanno on vocals, they made a debut album which received unanimous critical acclaim and Bognanno became a point of intrigue.

Now the band have announced their next album, Losing and with a short and definably not sweet single, ‘Feel the Same’ to get the ball rolling.

Surges of uneasy riffs flow through listeners as we feel a slither of the sound to be expected on their up and coming EP this October on the 20th.

As the crackles of punk quake through the track that only spans an urgent 2.22, we recognise Bully’s signature sound of built-up angered bass laced with angelic, yet heavy vocals. This album's opener wins by spitting fury in such a small space.

Lyrically, ‘Feel the Same’ swings overtly round a sense of aching for more and falling flat on your face. Lead and vocals Alicia Bognanno attacks the monotone and mundane lifestyle as she shrieks ‘And I cut my hair, I feel the same, Masturbate, I feel the same’, inducing motion sickness.

The album's 'Losing' is an internal, carefully focused record, a universalized diary and an exorcism-not of any one specific demon, but the host of them that characterize contemporary anxieties. Bully are growing up, sure, but their fire is in no way diminishing.

Track Listing:

1. Feel the Same

2. Kills to Be Resistant

3. Running

4. Seeing It

5. Guess There

6. Blame

7. Focused

8. Not the Way

9. Spiral

10. Either Way

11. You Could Be Wrong

12. Hate and Control