Hinds reach new heights with second album

Indie | Monday 23rd April 2018 | Jake

Hinds are not your regular indie band. One of the genre’s greatest crimes is its lack of divergence, the number of interchangeable bands is daunting. Hinds do things decidedly differently.

Growing up in Madrid, Carlotta Cosials and Ana Perotte flirted with the idea of forming a band. They played a gig at Carlotta’s Grandmother’s restaurant, then one more and then nothing for a couple years. That could have been that, but they returned to the idea, this time around doubling their membership with a drummer and bassist, and thus Hinds – initially going by Deers – were formed.

I Don’t Run is a natural follow up to their debut, Leave Me Alone, there is a marked improvement and refinement of the band's style. Singing in English, Hinds’ relative lack of articulation works perfectly with their subject matter, a look at the emotions and tendencies apparent in love.

Hinds are a garage-rock band diluted with an in vogue beach-rock sound originating from the west coast of America, I Don’t Run exhibits all the joys of this sound.