Christian Scott brought the vibe!

Other | Thursday 13th April 2017 | Annalisa

As was to be expected for a last minute London gig from the New Orleans trumpet maestro, Birthdays was packed out back to front and the atmosphere matched the energy of his music, even before his set had begun.

He jumped straight into things with the sort of intensity to match the crowd. After the first two songs from his latest album, we were let in on the secret, that it was his birthday hence the last minute gig at Birthdays and he introduced the rest of the members of his brilliant quintet! Featuring alongside Scott was the acclaimed saxophonist Logan Richardson. 

The music itself was electrifying, blurring the lines between jazz, rock, and hip-hop, though boxing into genres doesn't do justice to Christian Scott's clearly recognisable and unique sound.

The audience by the end were blown away and even though the venue was attempting a quick turnaround for the club night that followed, people made sure they stayed to show their raucous appreciation of what was another amazing London outing from Christian Scott and his band.