Did you get the 'Invitation' from Rumours

House | Friday 12th May 2017 | Patience

Usually, two is good company but three is a crowd, or so the saying goes, cause in the case of Rumours that's total bollocks!

Made up of electronic trio Mark Borgazzi, Federico Bigonzetti and Marion Solheim, the Rumours are back with their newest single 'Invitation', a skilful blend of infectious, soul-infused music, executed to perfection.

Ahead of their live performance at Birthdays on May the 12th, the band lets us know why they are going to be mainly releasing "singles instead of a big chunk of songs," this time round.  

So how did the band get together?

Mark: Yes, me and Fede go way back, we started making music together and decided to move to London at the age of 18.

Here we’ve had different experiences and worked with a lot of other musicians but our friendship and work relationship has been in constant evolution.

We met Marion about 4 years ago, at a party here in London and after getting to know her and her talent, we realised she could bring what was missing to our project. We were writing for Rumours for about a year and a half before releasing our first track 'Feel Me' and we haven’t stopped since then!

We know that you all live together, so what is it like having your band mates as your roommates?  

Mark: I’m loving it to be honest. Sometimes we’ re all working in different rooms, like I’m looking for 'that' hook in my room, Marion is singing her heart out next door and Fede is producing upstairs, boosting the bass so loud our small house is literally shaking.

It feels like we’ve got our little collective going on you know, nothing too crazy has happened yet, but I’m known for falling asleep in the most awkward positions and situations, so I'm sure there’s a few videos going around where the others try to wake me up, unsuccessfully.

How would you describe your sound?

Dynamic, rhythmic, contrasting, warm & electronic. 

Tell us about your latest single 'Invitation'.

Mark: 'Invitations' is about being inspired, it might relate more to people who share, create and perform art, but it could be about anything really.

Feelings can be triggered by so many different things, once you’re able to build a bridge between the feeling that triggered those feelings, you can start to express it through something you’ re good at, you’ll start perceiving everything as an invitation to create more, this is what the song is about to me.

You each bring something different to Rumours, how did that come together in the creation of  'Invitation'?

Marion: 'Invitations' is a song where we really tried to focus on our strengths and how we could bring them more forward in our music. We all get drawn to different melodies, rhythms and influences from our diverse musical backgrounds, so like with every other song we all contribute at different stages of the songwriting and production, and in that way, we all help shape the music in different directions until we reach the finished product.

You worked with Bristol producer Culprate on this single, how did that collab come about?

Fede: I met Culprate through a friend a couple years back. He mixed the first song we ever released which is called 'Feel Me', after that we never stopped working together.

John is a super talented artist and producer and a phenomenal mixing engineer, but most importantly a great guy and he is a pleasure to work with. He actually mixed all of our tracks and did some post production on the Shapes EP, 'Invitations' and our next single. I’ve learnt so much sitting in the studio with him and hopefully we’ll get to work together for a long time!

If you could collab with anyone on your next single - who would it be?

There are so many artists I’d love to collaborate with, but if I must choose one right now it would be Questlove.

You are doing your first official festival performance at Funk and Soul Weekender, what are you most looking forward too?

Being able to share the stage with so many great artists is very exciting to us, it feels like we’re taking an important step forward. We hope to have the chance to really connect with the audience and add to the 'Rumours family'.We can’t wait to see some of the other acts perform too, Submotion Orchestra, Omar and Jordan Rakei to name a few.

Also let’s face it, being able to enter such a cool festival with an artist pass for the first time will be pretty sick!

You will be headlining the Birthdays on the 12th May, what can fans expect?

Some great music hopefully! Ayelle and Sienno will be supporting us, so this should be a very interesting night, especially if you’re into electronic music, we can assure you our brand new live visuals are something special and the material we’ll perform is mainly unreleased and fresh out of the studio!

What would you do to make the world a better place?

Marion: I'm probably known as the ‘activist’ of the house, I care a lot about the planet, people and animals and I believe that we are all part of the same puzzle - so I am at least trying to make little changes in my life and to live with more awareness...

I have to keep it short here, or I'll go on forever!

What ideas changed your life?

Fede: Definitely the idea of pursuing what I love in life. The decision to move to another country at 18 years old to study music completely changed my life. 

Marion: Word!

What would you fill a swimming pool with if it could be anything?

Mark: Hmm... Pizza.

Fede: Red Wine, so that you can still swim in it.

Marion: I have to agree with Mark on this one.

So what's next for the band?

We’re totally independent artists at the moment so we think that the best way forward right now is to keep constantly sharing more of our music. That’s why we have decided that we are going to release singles instead of a  big chunk of songs at once.

The next one is around the corner now, it’ll be out before the summer and we can’t wait to see what people think of it!

We do have a lot of material so we definitely want to release an album in the future but not for another year at least. We will also be performing at Dimension festival in Croatia this summer, catch us under the sun on the Beach Stage on September the 3rd!




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