Ahead of his biggest We Are Balearic party yet, we talk with Alex Savvides

House | Tuesday 18th October 2016 | Arren

After two huge parties, and a third just round the corner, we catch up with We Are Balaeric founder Alex Savvides. 

Hey, how are you?
I'm good, thank you.

Describe your current state of mind?
Excited and a little stressed.

Let's talk We Are Balearic, how did this project come about?
I started We Are Balearic as a music sharing group on Facebook in 2015. So many people messaged me to say what a great music group that I decided to start a club night. So We Are Balearic was born!

I chose the name as I feel it makes everyone feel part of this amazing music scene that we have all loved from very young. Here we are, most of us in our mid 40s and still meeting and partying together with the same ethos and love for music we had in our teens!

I started the club night on my own, I had previously done a couple of parties with three good friends but we all wanted to do different things so I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it alone, although my fiancee helps out a bit!!

So far you've had two parties, how have they gone down?
The previous two parties have been fantastic! The response has been overwhelming, people seem to be very moved by our big DJ line ups and love the atmosphere at our parties.

What's the next steps for We Are Balearic?
The plan for the future is to keep on doing what we are doing keeping the capacity of our parties to 300/500 people as we don't want to loose that friendly, intimate vibe.

We will be launching our first Ibiza weekend next summer with a full on Balearic lineup as it was back in the late 80s!!

We will also be releasing a triple mix album on vinyl, CD & download - with a mix from myself, aswell as 2 superstar DJs.

What can we expect from your mix album?
You can expect electronic Balearic house with a touch of techno. My DJing style comes from all the music i have been influenced by, aswell as some of my favourite Djs like Alfredo and Danny Tenagia.

When's your next party in London?
The next party is at the very stylish Broadway House in Fulham on October 29th. We felt it was time to move on to a new venue with a non club feel.

Having DJ'd for Full Circle there back in August, I loved the vibe of Broadway House and felt it would be perfect for our Nil by mouth party!

Any names on your line up you're particular buzzing for?
I'm always excited about hearing Alfredo. He started the Balearic music genre and I love the fact he plays on all formats, like vinyl, CD and USB, in one set.

Also just as excited to hear Tony Wilson, Lisa Loud and Nicky Holloway - all friends and legendary DJs!

You're helping Ian Pierpoint in his documentary, what's it about?
Oh yes I'm so excited about the documentary!! It's called 'The Acid House Effect', Ian got the idea to do the film whilst partying with us at our first party - the Long Good Friday last Easter.

He loved the vibe and atmosphere and I have loved being part of something I'm so passionate about. He has brought me in as co-producer, which is great for me as I would like to move into music scores for TV & film.

When can we catch a glimpse of this documentary?
The documentary will be out early 2017, I cant wait to see it!!

How would you say acid house has changed the lives of your generation?
Acid house has changed my generations lives because it has brought people of all backgrounds and races together. It's opened our minds to different genres of music.

Although ecstacy has also been a massive part of bringing people together. I mean look back to 1988, you had Mill Wall fans cuddling and dancing with West Ham fans after having kicked each others heads in the previous week!

Was the acid revolution isolated, or are there other genres you believe have had the same effect?
The acid house scene is very similar to the original summer of love back in the 70s. Although we had 2 summer of loves that kicked it all off; one in 1988 the other in 1989.

But I think our scene has been so much longer and life changing - the fact we are still partying to pretty much the same music 30 years later is testament to this incredible musical revolution that we called acid/Balearic house.

Lets talk about you and your career. How did you first get involved in the music?
I first got involved in music as a teenager listening to soul funk and electro. Paul Oakenfold and his family lived round the corner from us so I have known him and his family from very young, Paul was a chef at my Dad's restaurant in the early 1980s where I also became a chef!

I had no idea back then that he was into music. I think it was when the acid scene kicked off when I heard he was DJing - I decided to give it a go aswell!

I started DJing in a little club called Zigis in Streatha. Just jumping in at first as I was friends with one of the DJs, a guy called Neil or DJ Vitamin. He was my mentor & teacher, then I met Trevor Fung and Carl Cox both regular DJs at Zigis. That's when I started to promote my own parties on and off for the next 10 years.

You had about a 10 year break, any reason why?
I gave up the music after I bought my first house and had started my own catering equipment business. I still done the odd party but the friends I had had all settled down and we lost contact.

It was Facebook that brought us all back together and that love of music soon got us all partying again! It's amazing going out and seeing people you partied with 30 years ago and hearing their story of life.

You're parties are going down well in London, I know you mentioned Ibiza next season - but you planning on taking We Are Balearic elsewhere?
The London parties have gone very well, we want to continue in London with 2 or 3 parties per year. We are planning Ibiza, Croatia and Miami from next year too!

I'm also getting a lot of DJ bookings all over London aswell as Croatia for next year already!

What else have you got planned for yourself?
My plans as an artist/DJ are to play out as much as possible, I will be releasing my first Balearic house record next year under the name Sexy Beast. I also plan to DJ in the states aswell as Ibiza and Croatia.

What would your super hero power be?
My super power would be to being invisible, now that would be fun!

If you could fill a swimming pool with anything, what would it be?
I would fill a swimming pool with people! Set up some turntables next to the pool and have a party!

What are you most in love with right now?
I'm most in love with my fiancee, life and music!

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