The Correspondents talk anniversary show, latest album & world domination

House | Thursday 7th December 2017 | Patience

After a decade-long career, The Correspondents continue to create visionary sounds that blend together electro, jazz and dance music effortlessly.

As the duo gear up for their 10th-anniversary show at the Electric Brixton on the 8th of December. We catch up with Mr Bruce, one half of The Correspondents, as he explains the inspiration behind their latest album Foolishman, what we can expect from The Correspondents upcoming show and the motivation behind their sound.  

Describe your current state of mind?

Excitement is my default.

How would you describe The Correspondents sound?

Multi-genre dance music.

Let's take it back to the beginning what was it like growing up in South London?

Wandsworth was alright, not the most exciting place on the planet. Suburban and a little boring in all honesty. Brixton was close enough thankfully.

You first Chucks met at school, what was your first impressions of him?

Chucks was the first person I’d ever met who made beats which gave him immediate kudos. God knows what he thought of me. I was stick thin, perpetually covered in paint with the energy of ferret.

You both went on to quit your full-time jobs time to pursue your music career - what was the motivation?

Actually, I still work as an artist and animator but yes, there was a move a number of years ago where the band became feasible as a full-time career. Our motivation to make the music we want to make and play it out to as many people as we can hasn’t changed since day one.  

Tell us about your latest album Foolishman?

It’s collection of genre-blending tracks with a pop dance floor friendly sensibility. We jump from electro-funk to upbeat blues to a kind of glitchy dubstep.

Is there a message you would like to get across with this album?

As the title suggests the album focuses on foolishness in many manifestations. 'Tonight' is about partying when you know you shouldn’t and experiencing that familiar sense of rising guilt, 'Freedoms' is about being lazy with your privilege and wasting time. While 'Hold Her Tight' is about adultery! Sounds dreary but the music is cheery!

You recently released the music video for 'Boss' and you described it as a "jaunty protest song"  - what's the story there?

I’ve also described that song as an upbeat lament which questions the motivations of those in control and how they managed to get into power in the first place.

The Correspondents 10-year anniversary party is coming up on the 8th of December, with an incredible line up - what are you both looking most forward to on the night?

So much to look forward to! We’re projecting the most amazing fully syncopated multi-camera visuals from Naren Wilks (who made our 'Fear and Delight' video), Ross the human drum machine will be joining us, there’ll be choreographed routines from My Bad Sister and Daisy Smith and we are pulling the legendary Twilight Players out of retirement to dance with us. And then there’s DJ Yoda, Rob da Bank, The Nextmen and Krafty Kuts. Plenty to tickle any aspect of any fancy. 

The Correspondents are also known for hitting the stages all over the UK from Glastonbury to the Wilderness festival - any performances that stand out?

Well, both those festivals served us well this year. Wilderness was particularly epic as we played the main stage in beaming sunshine to about 8,000 people – a level of drama was added to that show as my wife was a week overdue and ready to give birth at any moment!

What ideas changed your life?

The idea that everything is relative and there is no definitive truth…wow, that’s a big question!

What would you do to make the world a better place?

There’s a few leaders who I wouldn’t mind making magically disappear. That might help things along.

What would you fill a swimming pool with if it could be anything?

5 pences.

What's next for The Correspondents?

The usual. Slow and methodical world domination. An EP here a video or two there.

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