Dance music at its best, DGTL Amsterdam!

Friday 26th January 2018 | Grace

Only in Holland could you experience the wholesomeness of sustainability, the complexity of art and the awesomeness of live music all in one place, this place being DGTL Festival in Amsterdam!

And now you can be part of one of the best European dance events of the year as tickets for the festival, happening on the weekend of Friday 30th March – Sunday 1st April 2018, are available online and waiting to be bought.

Playing at the event over the three days will be the notable Albert Van Abbe, the mind-bending Floating Points B2B Hunee, the distinctive Applescal, the glorious Dollkraut Band, the unusual Call Super and the original CC: Disco!. And that is only naming a few bands and artists in this year's amazing lineup.

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DGTL Amsterdam is not just for the lovers of music. The festival also has an eclectic mix for those with an eye for art and the newest technology. 

As well as this, DGTL also realises that the world is changing and really makes an effort when it comes to the environment. Which is why it not only boasts to have won the Festx ‘Outstanding Green Event Award’, but has also won the ‘Most Sustainable Company of Amsterdam’ award. So, you can feel morally good whilst enjoying a weekend of great music, great vibes and great people.