Raekwon still peddlin' that good shit

RnB/Hip Hop | Saturday 8th April 2017 | Phil

Forever waving the iron flag, the Don status member of The Clan is back and sounding tight as ever.

Raekwon as he's known to all apart from his very nearest and dearest, has released his 7th studio solo album, 'The Wild'.

Most notably featuring G-Eazy, Cee Lo Green and Lil Wayne, this 11 track record certainly packs a punch, showing that, even if he is a different emcee to the starving beast from 'Only Build For Cuban Linx' way back when in 1995, his heavyweight impression definitely remains - the old, wiser and infinitely richer rapper is keeping it realer than ever, all whilst retaining an undisputable commercial viability.

For a reminder of The Chef of old, all you need to do is listen to 'Nothing' and 'This Is What It Comes Too', with a nasty remix of the latter featuring Ghostface Killah having just been released. In contrast, the track featuring Cee Lo Green 'Marvin' is clearly a song the younger Raekwon could not have made. In ‘M&N’ newcomer P.U.R.E makes sure that we mark him as one to look out for in the future.

Having far fewer featuring artists and producers on his latest offering than on his previous album 'Fly International Luxurious Art', it is clear that Raekwon can still make a powerful record without having to dish out for the crème de la crème of artists to be on every other track. Clearly ‘The Wild’ is not as much of a spectacle as 'F.I.L.A' but I'm sure if Raekwon had wanted it to be, it would be just that. 

Still reppin NYC and Wu to the fullest.


Long live Raekwon.