Beth Ditto's Post-Gossip Single 'Fire' Is Dangerously Addictive

Indie | Tuesday 4th April 2017 | Rachel

Beth Ditto, the once boisterous and guttural vocalist that fronted the raw and energetic Garage Rock band Gossip, has finally released a single from her long awaited and promising new solo album, Fake Sugar.

The late three pieces whom split in 2016, were influential for their blazing tracks 'Standing In The Way Of Control' and 'Heavy Cross' which were arguably driven by Dittos vigorous vocals.

The singer/songwriter famous for her eccentric and wild approach to life, has proven her ability to strive forward as a solo artist with Ditto’s latest single, Fire. Taken from the up and coming album that is set to drop this summer!

Fake Sugar has been announced to be released on June 16th under Virgin Records.