An Inconvenient Sequel: 'Truth to Power' Docu addresses Trump's Climate Denial

Other | Thursday 30th March 2017 | David

In an age where the USA is controlled by a political party who literally don't believe that climate change exists (I wish I was making that up), the urgent need to keep the public informed about this very important issue is reaching breaking breaking point.

Back in 2006, the feature-length documentary film An Inconvenient Truth featured former US Vice president Al Gore discussing the impact of climate change.

Not only did the film gross a huge (by documentary standards) $49,756,507, but it also won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature.

Guggenheim went on to direct other acclaimed documentaries such as Waiting for 'Superman' and He Named Me Malala.

The director will serve as producer on the follow-up, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, with Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk directing.

The sequel will mainly focus on how Donald Trump's climate change denial (he called it a hoax created by the Chinese) will have catastrophic repercussions on the world we live in.

Al Gore was the Democratic nominee for the Presidential campaign back in 2000, but lost to George W. Bush. Yep, somehow he lost to the guy who said "I know the human being and the fish can coexist peacefully."

Bush would go on to destabalise the Middle East by invading Iraq, despite the fact that Iraq had not attacked the US and did not have weapons of mass destruction. Saying that Gore should have won the election is an understatement!

The documentary has already played to standing ovations at the Sundance Film Festival, and will open in UK cinemas on 25 August 2017.

Until the film's release, enjoy the trailer below, and take note of the following quick overview of why you should be concerned about climate change:

Fact: climate change kills around 250,000 people per year, as confirmed by the Wolrd Health Organisation

Fact: we need to act now.

Fact: the Republican Party, who now control the US government, deny that climate change is happening because they are bribed by oil industries (money in politics is legal in the US).