Drake Drops It Like He’s British

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 20th March 2017 | Amelia

The 18th of March 2017 was what I imagine the 70's to have been like. People all over the world crowded around their radios (well, smart phones or laptops), listening to OVO Radio, waiting for Drake to drop his latest album, More Life.

In an age where music is at our finger tips to stream as and when we like, it’s rare for that many people around the globe to be tuned in to a radio show listening and waiting for an album that will be available forever thereafter, especially late on a Saturday night.

Twitter went crazy… plans were cancelled… all for an album. if there was anyone we were going to do it for, it was going to be Drake.

Not surprisingly, the album draws a lot on UK culture. We have now sort of accepted him as an honorary roadman, like your little brother who wants to wear Stone Island and bun zoots but would rather chat up girls than get in a real fight.

With two Giggs collaborations, a Skepta interlude, two collaborations with Jorja Smith and song titles like Gyalchester, Blem, and KMT, it feels as though a council flat in Hackney or Brixton could be the next move for Drake.

He carries it off well having a good mix of other genres and artists, such as Kanye, Young Thug, Partynextdoor, 2 Chainz, Quavo, Sampha, Travis Scott, Lil Wayne and Lionel Richie.

In true Drake style, he’s given us an album that makes you want to smoke up, hit the club, get back with your ex, dump them and hit the club again, drink all the Hennessy the function has to offer and then call them back at 6am reciting the lyrics to Marvin’s Room.

This album might have you a little less in your feelings than Drake's other recent records, but it will definitely make you feel some type of way.

You can stream More Life Below.