12 Brilliant Recent Indie Releases

Indie | Friday 10th February 2017 | Rachel

We're only a couple of months into 2017 and already we've been graced with a cluster of great indie releases.

Menace Beach - Lemon Memory

Menace Beach have presented their second surf punk album, Lemon Memory. They've succeeded in projecting gritty grunge rock interweaved with Lisa Violet's lacy vocals, constituting for a fruitful contrast.


This is most notable in Maybe We’ll Drown with a well planted track design that bursts with flavour. While being underpinned by a slating bassline.


Give Blood also blazes grainy guitar riffs and blunt lyrics, all the while remaining incredibly catchy.


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                                      Ty Segall - Ty Segall      

Segall's concoction of garage rock, country, psychedelic solos and hoarse vocals throws listeners in all directions of chaotic rapture. 


His choice of track execution is rapid and interesting. His longstanding role as an established and adored musician (He's been part of 9 bands at one time or another) allows his guitar work to sound lashing and aimless, when in reality it is intricate and refined.


His self titled solo album is no exception to the brilliance he has produced in the past.


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                                                                                               MUNA - About U                                                    

Alternative rock-pop and LA trio MUNA have debuted their alluring first project; About U      


MUNA are an active example of how pop and rock can overlap. The resulting creation is bold, honest song matter tangled with sweet, memorable choruses. Dark in some areas and fierier in others.


This album touches all bases, including Everything, a murky, powerful ballad, and the slow burning After with its leisurely beat. Where Katie Gavin's vocals fulfil their full range.


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                                               Rose Elinor Dougall - Stellular

Dreamy, shimmery guitars go hand in hand with Dougall’s elegantly pronounced vocals on their brand new album, Stellular. 


Throughout this album, Dougall demonstrates her power to be able to encapsulate simple beauty by never overloading her tracks, and instead magnifying the focus on the smaller details.


Some standout tracks include Hell and Back as well as Dive.


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                                                                                        Elbow - Little Fictions        

Little Fictions has been fortunate in incorporating the older, rougher Elbow sound. Such as Grounds For Divorce, with their new soothing formations All Disco, and finally the summery atmosphere of Magnificent (she says).


Most notable and consistent is Guy Garvey's unique and unmistakeable vocals, always complimenting their calming counterparts. 


A prominent and beautiful piece on the track list is Gentle Storm.


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                                                                                     Homeshake - Fresh Air           

The once guitarist of Mac DeMarco’s Live band Peter Sagar has lately been producing his own indie-electro collections, with Fresh Air being the most recent release.


Fresh Air is a sweet blend of unusual electronic inflections, croaky vocals and well positioned soft string notes. Such as heard on So She. With its relaxed vibes it has even leaned to the realms of R&B as an album well and truly unwound. 


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                                                                                   Oso Oso - The Yunahon Mixtape    

This album is coated in an old-school sounding indie-rock anthems: With its perfect brew of sweet string plucks and meatier bass drizzles, it has an effortless 90's college feel to it. As if the tunes have been slogged out effortlessly.


Both endearing and mellow in its structure, it appears nostalgic without losing its originality.


Stand out tracks on The Yunahon Mixtape include: Reindeer Games and Great Big Beaches.


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                                                                          Priests - Nothing Feels Natural 

Much like their persona, Priests appear to have gone wild on their newest release Nothing Feels Natural. The album offers a grand infusion of blues, indie rock, punk and pop, all guided by the archaic wails of vocalist.


Their flexible No Big Bang  incorporates a poetic rap and embodies their political agendas and stances against oppression. Whereas the title track Nothing Feels Natural takes on a softer complexion and gentler rock sound. 


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                                                               Surfer Blood - Snowdonia 

Florida four piece Surfer Blood have been around since 2009. Their Coastal and upbeat third album Snowdonia is an easy listen with its sweeping style, familiar to the indie-rock family.

The group have put together some well spread lengthy tracks, including Six Flags in F or G and the tune Snowdonia itself reaching 7 minute plays.


Their track Makeup is simple and unfiltered, yet effective in building an atmospheric tone of youth and optimism.


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                                                              The Mezingers – After the Party

 The Mezingers bear a heavier rock of quicker, punchy guitar riffs, as well as their soundscape being similar to Oso Oso. With their work being greased up with 90’s college nostalgia.  


After the Party is laced with juvenile lyrics about getting stoned and girls. All backed by expected vocal howls of this genre.


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Mother Mother - No Culture


Canadian indie rock culture Mother Mother are recognised for their relentless energy and an ability to construct tracks that are sticky on the brain.


No Culture is well equipped with an array of quirky sounds and up beat tempos that blend well with the brother/sister vocals shared on the tracks. 


The album is also riddled with integrated acoustic tracks for softer moments.


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                                                                           Ten Fé - Hit the Light         

Last but not least, is the sweetly crafted string picking of Ten Fé. The group have managed to position shabby vocal elements with 80's vibes. With just the right amout of balance to produce an album of real sleekness worth its salt.


What strikes most about their song Hit the Light its danceable beats that marry so well with tones of a drearier disposition. Pairing the group with the likes of The Horrors


Stand out tracks on this album include the silky notes onTurn and the brisker rendition of In The Air.


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