'Cxema' - The Rave Revolution that Saved A Generation

House | Wednesday 15th March 2017 | Kat

Following the revolution in 2014, Ukraine was at a standstill. Riots had broke out in Miadan, Kyiv, due to the current goverment, and the country went into a depression.

Whilst the rest of the country was mourning, one man decided to create something for the youth of Kyiv. His name was Slavik Lepsheev, and he started up a night-club called 'Cxema.'

It started off as a gathering of friends and like-minded musical people partying together, and soon it turned into Ukraines rave revolution.

The youth had nothing to live for or wake up for, they were looking for an escape. 'Cxema' gave them an opportunity to find the light in the dark. It was a way to escape from the chaos and distress that the country was going through, and it distracted everyone from the fear of war and more riots.

Cxema includes a diverse range of music genres, including EBM, early trance, ambient music and  hard techno.

There is a bit of something for every raver to enjoy and vibe with.

Kyiv's youth are very into their raver fashion and style, and they dress to show who they are. People use magazines, movies, and 90's culture as inspiration for their edgy unique style.

However the Ukrainian police are aware of the party scene in Kyiv and are starting to clamp down more on the raves, but the potential of Cxema being shut down doesn't stop the youth from partying and it excites them even more.

i-D created a short documentary on 'Cxema' and Ukraines new raving scene, where they talk to Slavik Lepsheev, and the ravers.

The short film shows just how vital the rave revolution was for the youth in Ukraine, to not only move on from the country's unrest but to also have something to live for.