The Pros and Cons to Living With Your Parents in Your 20’s

Other | Tuesday 28th February 2017 | Pasha

As a child, I presumed that 22 was as good as dead - Surely I would be an adored author by now with a massive house and a waterslide.

Since I foresaw myself as a cool adult I would get to eat sweets for dinner, but this would never hinder my success. Naturally, the only bit of this to come true is that I do regularly eat sweets for dinner, though I’m not too sure of its affect on my success. Thus far my decor plans are confined to the room I grew up in and my mum says there’s no space for a waterslide.

I’m not bitter though, here are some pros and cons to living at home in your twenties:

 It’s not disgusting - Every 20 year old that I know who doesn’t live at home lives in squalor. If it’s not self-imposed behaviours lingering from university, aka piles of hard pasta bakes and beer cans in the kitchen, then it's rotting wood, and dampness that your landlord swears isn’t toxic. Home is clean, and it always has towels.

On the other side however you’ll get caught out if you want to, (which you do), indulge in your own disgusting behaviours. You want to leave cigarette butts in cider and stuff your dirty washing in a cupboard. Home, sadly, is an obstacle to this bliss.

You can save money - Yes. You can save money, but who needs savings when you have a free place to live? You will probably just spend it all on partying, which is even better at home, because your parent can home cook your hangovers away. This leads to my final point…

You get looked after - You might have a fully formed beard or a couple pregnancy scares under your belt, but it’s always nice to get tucked in at night, have your clothes washed and know that those tiny yoghurts that you love will be in the fridge… they’re good for your bones!

So, if you’re in my boat enjoy it while you can, there’s plenty of time to bring your Tinder dates home, in your thirties.

And, if you’ve succeeded in flying the nest have fun in your tiny baths because you’re afraid of the water bill… lame, (also maybe send me your details, I’m looking for a place to live, I like to have fun but I understand the importance of boundaries!).