5 Ways To Boost Your Wifi Signal

Other | Monday 22nd February 2016 | Sam

Ever found yourself getting pissed off at having internet that runs at near dial-up speeds? Fear not! Here's a handy 5 step guide to having better signal in your home!

Change The Channel:

WiFi routers operate on various ‘channels’. Upon set-up, your router should automatically choose the least busy channel (various routers operate across the same few channels), however this does not always happen. If you find your internet running pretty slow, it may be a good idea to access your router and change the channel it’s currently running on in order to speed it up.

Coming Out of The Closet:

No, not in that way… keeping your wireless router inside a cupboard can cause some of the signal to become blocked. In order to get the most out of your router, keep it in a central location, free of any obstacles; you should notice the difference in speed almost instantly!

Keep Yourself in Range:

If you find it impossible to move the router any closer to where you are stationed, perhaps it’s time to invest in a WiFi booster. There are literally hundreds of different boosters out there, some are as simple as plugging them into the wall and connecting to them. Either that or you’re going to have to move closer to the router, sorry pal.

Steer Clear of the Microwave:

Believe it or not, keeping your router near a microwave can severely lower the strength of it. ‘Microwaves’ can be emitted from the microwave, and they have been found to sometimes interrupt the signal being sent out by the router. This is due to the fact that both devices run on very similar wavelengths: 2.4GHz for routers and 2.45GHz for Microwaves.

Change Your Password:

This may be an obvious one, but it can’t be stressed enough… make sure you have a strong password on your router. If you don’t have a password on your router, you are effectively giving out free internet to anyone who wants it within your locality. Weak, generic passwords such as ‘password’ are very easily guessed, so consider using a combination of lowercase, uppercase and numbers.