Jordan Peele - First Black Director Whose Debut Grossed Over $100 Million

Other | Tuesday 14th March 2017 | David

Jordan Peele's Get Out has become the first directional debut film from a black director to gross over $100 million.

Its current worldwide gross sits at an incredible $113,064,385 against a budget of just $4 million (and a largely unknown cast), and will continue to rake in the cash as it expands to overseas territories.

Get Out tells a horror story about the all too real horrors of racism and discrimination. The critics have also been going crazy over it, so you should definitely catch this when it opens in the UK on 17th March.

Peele, who forms one half of the comedy duo Key & Peele, both wrote and directed Get Out and has stated that he has more plans for social commentary-driven films in the near future.

Given the massive success of his debut, it's safe to say that we'll be seeing more of his work on the big screen in the near future.