Lorde's Melodramatic New Single Couldn't Be Further From The First

Indie | Saturday 11th March 2017 | Rachel

Following on from her disappearance from the music scene back in 2013 after her release of her debut Pure Heroine, Lorde is back with two eye popping singles. As she gears up for the release of her second album, Melodrama.

Pure Heroine was hailed for its 10 piece track list laden with grainy bass pulses, through an R&B soaked lens, with Royals reaching number one in over 6 countries and critics cheering her first pop masterpiece for its candid production and lyrical ingenuity. 

Trailing a three year absence, Lorde is back! The New Zealander hasn't held back with her first single, Green Light, as the anthem is pumped full of sun drenched beats for a familiar pop sound.

This new energetic direction is a suggestion of where Lorde's second album release, titled Melodrama, will be headed, and that possibly Melodrama won't be as darkly saturated as her murkier debut.

However, what we can expect from Lorde's second album is a strong sense of diversity that examples Lorde's glaring capability to toggle an array of musical emotions.

Lorde followed up the high spirited and tireless Green Light with a mood entirely polar opposite to its predecessor, the tender track, Liability.

Liability, sees a deliverance of something stripped back to nothing more than the beautiful simplicity of Lorde's voice pressed against the dabble of piano keys, and a track that directly parallels with the imagery of its album art.

Welcoming back Lorde and the anticipation surrounding the new sounds to escape her up and coming album has been a wonderful encounter.

Lorde's second album Melodrama is set to be released on June 16th.