Disney remake Beauty and the Beast after 25 years

Saturday 21st January 2017 | Zoe

Beauty and the Beast will be hitting the screens March 17th as a live action adaption of Disney’s original animation that aired in 1991.

A tale filled with love and magic, this fairy-tale story is about a young girl who agrees to be taken hostage in the place of her father and is held prisoner, over time growing to love the ‘Beast’, saving him and his servants from a curse a witch cast upon him for his selfishness and cruelty. The original won two Oscars along with twenty-five other awards and is one of the only two animated films to be nominated for an Oscar for ‘Best Picture of the Year’.  

This classic has been remade with a full star cast, starring Emma Watson as ‘Belle’ and Dan Stevens as ‘Beast’. The amount of award winning actors that are a part of this project suggests that they will be able to live up to the genius of the original, maybe even surpassing it.

High quality of special effects will bring much loved, believable characters such as ‘Mrs Potts’ and ‘Cogsworth’; voiced by Emma Thompson and Ian McKellen; to life. The film promises that the live action interaction with these special effects, should bring a new level of magical reality to the enchanting tale of finding a Prince. This highly anticipated remake will bring the magic that the original did to a newer generation.