Calls for cannabis to be used medically

Other | Wednesday 14th September 2016 | Arren

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Drug Policy Reform have stated that cannabis use for medical reasons should be legal.

The cross party group made up of MPs and peers want UK laws to change, reclassifying herbal cannabis from schedule one to schedule four. The reclassification would allow doctors to prescribe to drug to those who need it.

The group took evidence from 623 people including patients and experts with more than 20,000 medical reports reviewed on top. They argue that there's clear evidence of the positive effects cannabis has on a range of conditions.

The drug is legally allowed to be used for medical uses in 24 US states, Canada, Israel and 11 European countries.

The Home Office, though, is not planning to legalise the drug that they claim is 'harmful'. I mean what do scientists know?