Why So Serious? Comedy Nights!

Other | Monday 4th July 2016 | Megan

So, for a while now, we’ve been hosting comedy nights called Why So Serious? down here at the Guestlist HQ for all you lovely people and they have been great turnouts.

We have the creme de la creme of comedians that want to share their awesome talents with you and alongside having a banging night, we have raised money to feed the homeless. So, really it’s all in all a pretty dope experience for everyone involved. You can come and enjoy some side splitting laughs as well as contributing towards a fantastic cause. Feel good about yourself!


Along the way we have filmed the nights and luckily for you if you missed the previous Why So Serious?, you can catch the action with the clips below.


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Full Show 

James Benninson

Rick Murtagh

Rick M