Play As Leonardo DiCaprio Trying To Finally Catch His Oscar

Other | Tuesday 16th February 2016 | Sam

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most high-profile actors not to have won an Oscar, and according to many people, he should already have one after being nominated five times in the past. After winning the Best Actor gong at the BAFTAs for his turn in Alejandro G. Iñarírittu's The Revenant, this may be his best chance of receiving the much coveted accolade. 

Luckily, you can now help Leo get his hands on that pesky Oscar in a hilariously satirical 8-Bit game from The Line, entitled Leo's Red Carpet Rampage! Work your way through increasingly challenging levels featuring hilarious challenges such as jumping over pesky paparazzi and trying to beat Matt Damon dressed as The Martian, Bryan Cranston as Trumbo, Eddie Redmayne as Lili Elbe (from The Danish Girl) and Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs in claiming the Best Actor award. 

Other highlights include crawling to your car while on quaaludes (ala Wolf of Wall Street), writing your own acceptance speech, trying to act as hard as possible and the impossible task of trying to find the black nominee

So instead of waiting around, hoping that Leo finally gets what he deserves, help him out by playing the game here