Top 10 Seduction Tracks From Films

Other | Friday 17th October 2014 | Ben

You’re on a date. It’s going well. You’re back at yours, the candles are lit, the dirty socks hidden, and now to really set the mood you need the right music. No clichés... (ok one or two), but definitely NO creepy Sting songs. You need something tried and tested that isn’t ‘Sexual Healing’ and there’s no better sex romantic music guide than film. Here are some seductive tracks from films that are bound to set the perfect mood.

10.  ‘Unchained Melody’ – The Righteous Brothers: Ghost

Always great to start with a cliché. BUT, any song that plays whilst a topless Patrick Swayze is spooning a semi-clad Demi Moore whilst making suggestive pottery shapes is going to be good.  But be ready to create a montage of your romance, otherwise it’s not a real romance.

9.  Love Is Strange – Mickey & Sylvia: Dirty Dancing

Perfect for when you want a dance session to get a little heated. Also good if you like miming.

8. Just One Look -  Doris Troy: Crazy, Stupid, Love

Ryan Gosling plays it. In Gosling we trust.

7. Kiss From A Rose – Seal: Batman Forever

It’s a rare thing for a song from a superhero film to be one of the sexiest songs of all time. But if it works for The Dark Knight then it sure as hell should work for the average Joe.

6. East Harlem Shakedown in E-Flat – Ron Burgundy: Anchorman

In his own words: ‘that’s baby making music that’s what that is’.

5. Love To Love You Baby – Donna Summer: Zoolander

If you want your romantic night to evolve into a massive orgy with tattooed men and Buddhist monks then this is the soundtrack for you. And in the morning you can impress everyone by making your own bread.

4. Down In Mexico – The Coasters: Deathproof

Snake hips? This is the song for you. Just wait for those bongo drums. And that video...

3. You Can Leave Your Hat On – Joe Cocker/Tom Jones: 9 ½ Weeks/ The Full Monty.

Kim Basinger or a bunch of steel workers from Sheffield? Like that’s even choice... Just look at those love handles.


2. I’m Not In Love – 10cc: Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason

The music comes on as High Grant’s sleazy Daniel Cleaver is seducing Bridget Jones. Slow, moody, and nostalgic it’s a brilliant seduction song. If it managed (if only temporarily) to pry someone away from Mr. Darcy Colin Firth then it certainly has mystical powers.

1. In The Air Tonight – Phil Collins: Risky Business.

The song that plays over one of the hottest moments in cinematic history. Perfect, if overplayed, song that has everything – moody and atmospheric, a seminal 80s seduction song.