Trailer for New Steven Seagal Movie Revealed

Friday 16th August 2013 | Ben

Steven Seagal is back all guns blazing in new film ‘Force of Execution’ with an impressive cast featuring Ving Rames, Danny Trejo and Ben Foster, directed by regular Seagal collaborator Keoni Waxman.

The trailer has just been unveiled and the film looks to be a whole lot of fun for Seagal enthusiasts with the big man changing it up and playing the city’s most notorious Mob boss. He comes into blows with a drug gang run by Ving Rhames, and you know that that isn’t going to end well for anyone!

From the trailer we can gather that this is going to be a action packed movie, Seagal looks on top form and seems engaged with the film. It will hopefully be a refreshing change with the Aikido master playing a different role than he is accustomed to, excluding playing the main baddie in Machete.

That being said, Seagal’s characters are often more than a toe over the line of being considered ‘good guys’ and his characters have been seen to commit acts of eco-terrorism, snap bones, gauge out eyes and humiliate enemies (after breaking a man’s arm in Maximum Conviction he shouts ‘Does that hurt? You fucking Pussy!’). When playing cops he has been familiar with mobsters, but this time he is the mobster, so it will be interesting to see what this new role, and beard, will bring to the film.

Ving Rhames and Danny Trejo look like they are having fun as well, with Ben Foster providing some fast paced fighting moves. Hopefully the film will live up the explosive trailer, and is due for release later in the year.


By Ben Lawrence