Blair Jollands new album is both spectacular and unique.

Friday 3rd August 2018 | Grace

Despite his new album, 7 Blood, reflecting on his battle with Lyme disease, Blair Jolland’s music is fresh, up-beat and very, very catchy. With the album coming out on 24th August, 7 Blood is a beautiful collection of songs from the tongue-in-cheek title track, 7 Blood, a song about battling through the bad times, to his most recent single, the poetic and magical, I’ll Remember You.

Having worked on numerous film and TV scores, including Poldark, Bleak house and Shackleton, Blair is now focusing on his personal music releases, and with already having 2 albums under his belt, as well as being nominated for an Emmy, the man is clearly good at what he does.

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Blair Jollands is constantly being compared to artists such as David Bowie, Beck and Leonard Cohen, and with his creative and distinctive sound, it is easy to see why. Although Blair was born in New Zealand, he has spent his life making music and travelling the world and as he has now found his home in London, he will be playing at the Seabright Arms on 13th September.

Find out more about the album 7 Blood and what Blair Jollands will be up to on his Facebook, Twitter and website.