Hobo Johnson the Poet

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 11th July 2018 | Roberta Micallef

In a complex world where originality and talent seems hard to achieve, Hobo Johnson among a rare few, manages to be both.

The artist Frank Lopes wrote his first album, Hobo Johnson’s 1994 Toyota Corolla in his 1994 Toyota Corolla, where he lived at the time. During this period all he had was his car, his clothes and his music. While producing the album he listened to musicians like Benjamin Clementine and The Front Bottoms.

When listening to Hobo Johnson for the first time, we mistakenly compared it to other music, as we so often do. We found it awkward, and a bit hard to watch. However, after delving deeper into his Live from Oak Park series, we realised his ingenuity. The raw rap, monotone yet rhythmic, manic yet poetic style was unlike anything we had ever heard before.

Johnson's lyrics follow streams of consciousness that surprise you with emotion and heart. The element of satire manages to create a sense of self-ridicule, a realistic take on romantic feelings, family dysfunction and break-ups. Ultimately what sounded like improvised lyrics, were meticulously crafted lines of poetry.

Hobo Johnson performs with a band called The Lovemakers, who are currently on tour with him. 

Hobo Johnson sounds good; but is much better seen. His feelings radiate through the screen (watch 'Romeo and Juliet'), and somehow, even if you haven't gone through a massive break up, you start feeling them too. 

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