Diana Debrito, aka IAMDDB.

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 27th March 2018 | Claire PAQUES

The young 22-year-old Manchester singer has managed to become one of the hot talents in just a few months.

Diana Debrito, aka IAMDDB, is a young singer who is coming hard with 4 new concerts in partnership!

She discovered music as a child thanks to her dad, who’s a musician. She got seriously into music in 2015

IAMDDB made tunes before but her first video, "Leaned Out", in collaboration with Inka is what made her mark in December 16


Vibe Volume 2, her second EP, launched in May last year only lasts 16 min. Her 2 EPs The people were feeling it! And therefore IAMDDB machine was launched.

Concerts near London:

IAMDDB will be popping off here:

- 16th of April - Old Marble Factory, Bristol - Moonlight Show

- 17th April - Institute2, Birmingham - Love Show

- 18th April -Hidden, Manchester - Back to the Future Show

- April 19th - Koko, London - Heaven & Hell Show

So, do not wait, get your tickets now for this concert because some dates are sold out at it will be amazing!