Kali Uchis gives us Latina rnb at its finest

RnB/Hip Hop | Sunday 8th April 2018 | Angel

Think SZA meets Lana Del Rey, with a little bit of J-Lo, and you’ve got Columbian-American singer-songwriter Kali Uchis. Her new album Isolation combines everything we love about raw rnb, with Latina roots and Uchis’ own sexy style.

The album is very much a head-in-the-clouds dreamlike fantasy: catchy choruses, killer basslines and lyrics that give you goosebumps. Like all great rnb albums, a Kali Uchis love ballad is found in ‘Flight 22’, with its sultry beat and hypnotic vocals. This is juxtaposed with more upbeat tracks, like ‘Your Teeth In My Neck’ and a Jorja Smith collab in ‘Tyrant’.

One of the best things about Kali Uchis is that she is a bad bitch; with an entire track entitled ‘Dead To Me’, combined with her killer look and voice we can already see glimmers of a new rnb Queen emerging, so get on that shit.