I think I'm in love with Jorja

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 23rd May 2018 | Paul

One day I was rolling a joint in my room, probably after a bad noodles pot, Spotify was playing some random music. Some bad random music. Is it my fault? Am I at fault if I listen to bad music just to pass the time? Of course not, I'm just like all of you, slave to those algorithms that "facilitate" life.

After maybe a bit too much weed and nothing interesting to do, I just laid on my bed and stopped thinking. It was at this moment that she appeared to me, like an angel. I heard something new, something pure. After hours of trash, Spotify decided to reward me. Jorja was here.

If Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse had a child, it would probably be Jorja Smith. Jorja talks about things like love or missing dear ones. But also real social issues like police violence in her biggest tune that made her known to the public, 'Blue Lights'. 

This track was originally published on her Soundcloud when she was only 18.

After numerous singles, she dropped an EP called Project 11 in 2016. With collaborations with notable artists like Stormzy or Drake, the American rapper also said that the title track 'Where did I go?' is one of his one of his favourite songs of summer 2016… 

Catch the songstress live and get a chance to fall in love too at her autumn tour this year.

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