Keep Dancing mfs!

Thursday 5th April 2018 | Grace

They’re fun, free-spirited and fresh, and this is why Keep Dancing Inc. are just one of the amazing up and coming bands to keep an eye on this year.

With their unusual 80’s synth sound mixed with the unmistakable beat and lyrics of modern indie-pop, this French band’s new song, 'Pornstar', could easily become the track of the summer for those looking to dance to something off the musical beaten track. Especially as this new release is a song about the male gaze and making women feel safe, so this tune is ethical as well as rhythmical– right on!  

Playing to a live audience in Dalston, London this week, it was clear to see that Keep Dancing Inc. have got one major fanbase. By the end of the set, the whole room was crammed with people singing and dancing along to this funky foursome’s jams, who themselves were undoubtedly having a great time, adding to the already electric atmosphere.

So, if you’ve not already, check out Keep Dancing Inc. for the perfect combination of old meets new resulting in a sound that can only be described as magic for your ears.