Happy Days! A guide to happiness

Other | Tuesday 20th March 2018 | Gassy

Today, 20th of March is world happiness day. So today we bring you this guide which is for everyone who pursues happiness in everyday life.

First of all, what is happiness?  Well, to us, happiness cannot be labelled. Happiness is whatever puts you in a state of appreciation, what keeps you grounded, what makes you feel on top of the world. Whether it is your child's first step or a promotion, if this is what makes you happy, then celebrate it!

Go on, book your holidays and travel:

On the top of this guide to happiness is, of course travelling. Why? because travelling is a break from our everyday life, for a short period of time, to a long one. Travelling is an eye opener, it opens your mind to new horizons and puts your life into perspective. So go on, travel the world, go away on weekends, with your friends or your bf/gf, let your hair down.

Eat, eat, EAT

In France, we say "un bon vivant" meaning someone who lives well through indulging in delicacies, the finest wines and so on. Whether you love a good old beer with fish and chips or caviar, just enjoy what you eat and go to bed with a full belly and happy. It is no longer the time to eat skinny food, just eat a good old KFC after raving all night with your friends, nothing wrong with that as long as it makes you happy!

Find your favourite spot in the world and get there:

Whether it is at the seaside, on top of a mountain or under your duvet in your bedroom of your well-decorated home, find your favourite place in the world. Your safe place could be in the arms of your lover or in just in a beautiful book written by your favourite writer. It does not have to be a tangible place. Just find it and keep it sacred!

Fall in love:

We all know how it feels to fall in love especially when it is mutual. That feeling that rushes through your body and your soul. The fast heartbeats, the weak knees or the shiny eyes, just fall in love with that handsome one, in a strange city for the thrill of if. The aftermath, well, you can deal with it later. Live in the moment.

Do something different every day:

Say bye, bye to your routine, work, home, food, bed. Do something different every day. If it is calling your mum or texting a friend you have not spoken to in 10 years do it!. Eat rice instead of pasta, drink more water instead of energy drinks to keep you awake, sleep on the left side of your bed instead of the right, just break your routine, your habits and do something different every single day. 

It is the little things, always the little things..:

Appreciate the little things, in life. If your niece gives you that drawing that looks like a scribble just accept it happily. Whatever it is, a smile from a stranger, your mum buying you food to keep you alive, your colleagues sharing his/her food with you, just appreciate those simple gestures and be grateful.

And celebrate what you have:

Be grateful for what you have, instead of looking for things you don't have. We always want more and want to achieve more but in order to do so, we already have to be thankful for what we have. Look around you, you have a roof over your head, food in your fridge, a strange family but still a family, an awesome group of friends and so on. Just celebrate what you have!

And above all listen to music!!! My ultimate happy song:

What is yours?