Trapped in a negative pattern? Here's 4 tips to get you unstuck

Other | Wednesday 22nd November 2017 | Annalisa

Breaking negative patterns is tough for anyone. Even if you feel you have had a certain habit for a lifetime, you can always change. 

The first step is accepting where you are at

Noticing a pattern or habit you want to break is massive and you should feel good that you've decided to address it. It's not a fight, it's an improvement, a learning experience. Use this first step as a way to look at the issue with optimism and you can then move forward with a positive outlook.

Recognise the pattern

Think about what triggers your habit, the situations you see it come out and why you react the way you do. It's important for you to understand why and recognise when you are doing it so that you are able to overcome it in the future.

Solution time

Now is time to work out the best possible way for you to react instead. If you like, ask someone you trust for help with this. 

Practice makes perfect

Then all you have to do is practice. Remember, you won't get this right every time at the start; breaking bad habits is hard work but don't beat yourself up about it. 

Celebrate your successes, keep it up and before long, you'll start to see the positive change you were looking for. As you start to see this, you'll build on the good habit, do more and there begins the virtuous circle. The good feeling you get from overcoming a negative habit is well worth the grind!