This is your year!

Other | Sunday 7th January 2018 | Annalisa

It's easy to compare yourself to others, to look at someone else accomplishments (or social media!) and feel like you've missed the mark, you're not on the same level, you're inadequate… The self trash talk goes on.

When it comes to the new year, we often look back and feel like we haven't made the most of the year that's passed. But that's rubbish. Even if you haven't conquered the world in the way you planned, you have learnt lessons, made massive decisions, discovered things about yourself and started new projects that could change your life in future.

To keep moving forward, you have to keep track of your goals but also keep track of your achievements, your wins. Take a minute to stop and look back at what you have done. Write down a list of all the great things you've achieved, reflect on these, stop talking yourself down and see what you're going to change for this year.

If I stop to take a look at what I did last year, it sounds a little like a fairytale. And really, it has been. This year has been the best! Taking the time to make note of it is a great opportunity to give yourself the credit you deserve.

So let's make 2018 even better. Make the most of every moment.

This is your year. Just as every year is your year.