Cadet on Krept: 'So when your videos were hitting a mill I was still taking bets up in William Hill'

Grime | Monday 13th March 2017 | Kat

Up-and-coming grime artist Cadet breaks through the scene and brings a new different grime style to London with his fresh lyrics and beats.

Clapham-born British grime artist Cadet, formerly known as Blaine Cameron Johnson began making music at the young age of 16. 

He entered the rap scene in 2006 in South London where he started out as a member of Gipset, a South London grime based crew. ''Rapping started off as something to do.It was just about having fun at the beggining. It was just something to do,then it turned into a passion and something I ended up being good at''.

After being done with Gipset, Cadet took a break to work on his own music for a while. He released a hard freestyle titled Slut, which caused a lot of contraversy and talk. In this slow-jam he talks about all the lucky ladies hes been with and how they've affected him, with a few famous names dropped in including his cousin Krept.

A honest passionate song explaining his life and what hes been through, showed a raw and real side to Cadet. 

“Don’t get it twisted, when I dropped ‘Slut’, I thought 100% I’m losing out on every female fan I’ve ever gained in my life. Thought that was it, done. But people respect honesty man and it paid off. To be fair, I didn’t know they’d respect honesty until I actually did it''.

Allthough he has already been in the grime scene for several years, when Cadet started releasing more personal raw tracks he gained a lot more attention from the public. People liked what he was saying, and wanted to hear more and more.

Cadet doesn't let the stereotypical 'hard man' South London grime artist stereotype get to him, and he is passionate about showing his emotions and telling the truth through his music. It is something you don't see in the grime scene a lot of the time, so it is refreshing and unique.

He is breaking through genre boundaries and being himself.

In Cadet's 2016 song Letter to Krept, he tells an insightful story with absorbing and painful lyrics telling a previously undisclosed story. It is one of Cadets most personal tracks released to date.

Through this song we learn how Cadet felt watching on as his family member Krept became a big music star, and how people were constantly asking him why he wasn't as big. Cadet talks to Krept through his lyrics and addresses him personally throughout the song, asking him questions. He tells an emotional story, ripping into the audiences heart strings.

" I'm happy that you're doing your ting but it's a reminder of all the shit I don't do/ So when your videos were hitting a mill/ I was still taking bets up in William Hill/Now jealousy gone, cause it's dumb to feel."

Cadet's now in a much better place, he has brought himself through without anyones help and gained success on his own name. 

'Literally everything it says in the song, is mad true. It was like we were cousins by name, not cousins by love, so I had to address it. Me personally, I can't get over something unless I write about it''.

“All I know is I’m working hard today, tomorrow and the day after, so shit’s gonna come together. I’m just working hard every day, and that’s better than working towards something in six months, because I’m making the most out of today''.

Music itself to Cadet seems to act as his release, the place where he can talk about his life and everything he has been through. It is the place where he shares his true emotions and feelings, and lets people connect and relate to his life. 

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