Basement AV: a night of underground techno and retro visuals

Drum and Bass | Monday 5th March 2018 | Rose

Hyde Park Book Club doesn't sound like the type of venue to be host to a drum and bass night but in Leeds these are the kind of random and exciting spaces that pop up and fill your night with the sound of new music.

In Febuary, Basement AV (a catchy title for an audio-visual night, in a basement) brought 4 up and coming local DJs to the basement of Hyde Park Book Club. Everybody was playing live electronic sets, and the event gave them the chance to establish themselves on the scene.

Us & It is the name for experimental producer Laurence Nash who brings energetic and immersive audio visual experiences to all of his shows, a perfect fit for Basement AV.

Madison Willing has classical training in film and theatre composition and brings this edge to her techno - she released her debut EP on casette.

Dansté hyped the crowd starting the evening with an alternate spin on some classic tunes getting the crowd moving and Loyal Hardware, a viynl DJ who has been involved in many audio visual sets, brought his experience of this combo in techno to Basement AV.

The 'visual' side of things was totally impressive. The organisers had dug out and put to use several old boxy tv sets - projected in them were images synced with the rhythm of the music

The wall projections and flickering tv images were the only things lighting up the room which let the visuals create the atmosphere almost as much as the DJs.

The venue itself had the feel of an abandoned warehouse, yet was right below an edgy bar and sociable venue in the student hub of Leeds.

The Hyde Park Book Club basement's aesthetic made it feel like a house party and exclusive, with bare walls lending all the attention to the events audio and visual entertainment.