Get Rich Or Die Tryin' 15 years later

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 7th February 2018 | Sofian

15 years ago, 50 Cent told us he will become rich or die trying. He got rich. Throwback to one of the best rap albums ever…

Happy birthday Get Rich Or Die Tryin. On 6th February 2003, 50 released one of the most iconic rap albums, a classic of the 2000s and an emblem of gangsta rap. 15 years later, it is almost one of the biggest rap albums of all the time. Many of Curtis James Jackson III a.k.a 50 cent's fans think it's his best album ever.

Made just after signing to Shady Records and produced by Dre and Eminem, it marked a turning point in the career of the child from the Queens. With more than 15 million albums sold, it is the biggest success of Fiddy to date. The album has all the bangers that we still listen to and party with today, like the classics 'In Da Club', 'P.I.M.P', 'If I can’t' and '21 Questions' featuring the late great Nate Dogg.

Everything was perfect for Mr Jackson thanks to the teamwork and the experience that Eminem and Dre brought to the table. It felt so right after The Marshall Mathers LP  and The Eminem Show. The album shows the lifestyle and the violence of the New York streets but with more melodic sounds and a West coast flavour down to the presence of Dre.

It is also the character's charisma that attracts attention. Indeed, you must remember that it had not been long since he received nine bullets, in the legs, hands, head and the mouth, leaving him needing several months of rehabilitation. This dark passage of his life helped to make him the legend that he has become. From a young crack dealer and Queens hustler was born a unique rapper.

50 cent remains a great businessman who makes a fortune with spirits like Effen Vodka, in Hollywood and with his TV show Power but thankfully he is always in music somewhere. 50 come back with the next hit. The music game needs you playa.