Get Out director Jordan Peele reveals why he quit acting

Other | Tuesday 6th February 2018 | David

Jordan Peele is currently receiving award nominations left right and centre for his acclaimed race-related horror film Get Out. But the director recently revealed that he was offered a job on a different film which he felt seriously undermined his talents.

Speaking at the 70th annual Directors Guild of America Awards, Peele confirmed that he was offered the voice role of the Poop Emoji in last year’s animated disaster The Emoji Movie, which was a moderate financial success despite being one of the most critically hated films of all time. Jordan stated that he might actually have considered taking the role if it paid well enough but Sony decided to cast Patrick Stewart instead.

Peele found the experience of being offered such a role to be so demeaning that he decided to quit acting to focus entirely on directing. And that clearly paid off, as Get Out has been nominated for no fewer than four Academy Awards. Maybe that will teach major studios to actually respect the people involved with their films instead of asking them to voice animated pieces of excrement.