Top 5 Picks Of What To Watch In February

Other | Friday 26th January 2018 | Hanna

While it's still disgusting outside and we're all wondering how to pass time until Spring, here are the top picks for what to watch in February.


Black Panther

Marvel Studios finally comes out with the long awaited Black Panther movie, following the 2016 reboot of the original comic. This movie will blast the screens with afro-futurism with an outstanding cast, and by the looks of the trailer, even the non-Marvel fans ought to check this one out. UK release date is February 12th. 


Grace and Frankie

If you haven’t already watched this Netflix Original series, now is the time because season 4 is out and it is fire. Weed, old lady dildos, martinis and heart-warming female friendship – quality comedy, this is what hungover Sundays are for.



Screening at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, this documentary looks at the visceral, back-breaking realities of rural life in Congo through a portrait of a 28-year-old farmer Kasongo. The film screened at 2017 Cannes Film Festival and won the Grand Prize in International Critic’s Week section. Tickets here.


The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo

Now, this isn’t a recent release, but the L.A-based web series is so delightfully queer and bizarrely heart-warming that if you haven’t watched it yet, February is the month to do it. Although there are only 5 episodes that are each around 20 minutes and the flow of the show is so addictive that you will binge through them in no time. 





Tom of Finland

If you haven’t heard of the man who practically invented The Village People through his erotic gay art after World War II and had a huge influence on gay aesthetics, meet Touko Laaksonen. The Dome Karukoski movie, “Tom of Finland” celebrates the revolutionary life of this man who advocated the freedom of self-expression through his art that was illegal in its time. The DVD release date is February 6th, but you can find it on Amazon and iTunes.