The Secret Life of Owls Documentary Series Flies onto Channel 5!

Other | Monday 22nd January 2018 | David

Proving that there’s more to Channel 5 than trashy reality TV shows about bailiffs stealing people’s property, the network will air a documentary series later this year called The Secret Life of Owls.

The two-part documentary series is being created by London-based production company Windfall Films, and was filmed using hidden cameras in the Essex countryside. We will get to see the magnificent predators of the night going about their lives as they hunt prey, care for their young, and bond with their mates. Both episodes will be directed by Tom Cook and will run for sixty minutes.

Owls are so elusive that most people living in the UK have probably never even seen one in the wild, so The Secret Life of Owls will certainly be essential viewing for bird lovers when it airs later this year.