War Dog: A Soldier's Best Friend Documentary Streaming on HBO now!

Other | Tuesday 14th November 2017 | David

A-list actor Hollywood actor Channing Tatum served as executive producer on War Dog: A Soldier's Best Friend, a feature-length documentary about dogs who serve in the armed forces.

The film focuses on three US military veterans who formed strong bonds with their canine companions during their time in service. It was directed by Deborah Scranton, whose previous 2006 film The War Tapes focused on America’s illegal invasion of Iraq.

Dogs have been used for various roles in warfare since ancient times, so just like humans who serve, they should definitely be commended for their bravery. The trailer below shows glimpses of the incredible courage our four-legged friends can display in dangerous and harrowing situations, and they deserve our gratitude for their service.

War Dog: A Soldier's Best Friend aired on Veteran’s Day on HBO, and is currently available to view on their official streaming service.