The World's End

Other | Thursday 11th July 2013 | Keshav

On July 19th Simon Pegg and Nick Frost will star in their much anticipated film ‘The Worlds End’. The movie is the pairs third collaboration after ‘Shaun of the dead’ and ‘Hot Fuzz’. Both those films were tremendously well received due to their laugh out loud jokes, over the top action scenes and superb actor performances.  It seems that the pair work together very well in producing a uniquely British brand of comedy. The film follows four friends who attempt to complete a mammoth  pub crawl that they failed to complete when they were teenagers.The crawl ends at the 'Worlds End Pub'.  They embark on the crawl only to figure something is very wrong with the town. On their way they have to face monsters vampires and other creatures. The film seems to have the same type of satirical humour, over the top fight scenes and some great performances as Pegg and Frost's previous ventures. It seems they've teamed up for another  winner !   


Keshav Kapoor