DJ Khaled Drops Grateful!

RnB/Hip Hop | Friday 23rd June 2017 | Ben

Miami-based producer, record label executive, radio personality and recent author (seriously) DJ Khaled is back with his hotly anticipated record Grateful.

There are not as many bangers as on his previous album Major Key and as a result, it’s a little underwhelming. Grateful features 22 songs spanned across 85 minutes and each track features some of the most well-known hip-hop artists around.

It starts off with tracks such as 'Wild Thoughts' and 'I’m The One' already proven to be chart toppers and then the LP gradually descends into more generic trap records.

Whatever you think of DJ Khaled he must be doing something right to get Jay-Z and Beyonce on 'Shining' as well as legends Fat Joe and Raekwon on 'Billy Ocean'. The album even features a surprising interlude from Betty Wright entitled 'Hallelujah' and a collaboration with Calvin Harris on 'Don’t Quit'.

Some elements are still great, others are just grating (see 'Major Bag Alert' featuring Migos). There are also odd pauses from the 'drugs, money and hoes' chat with strange yet sweet mentions of fatherhood.

'I Love You So Much' featuring Chance the Rapper is an appreciation of being fathers and proof that both of these artists could make whatever they wanted and people would still listen to it. It finishes with Khaled thanking his son Asahd for 'executive producing' the record. Boy, is that kid gonna have an interesting life.

Yes Khaled flaunts his 'Billyons' and no one really knows exactly what he actually does but he’s a difficult man to dislike.

Who can’t help but smile when seeing him dance (if you can call it that) in the back of music videos? Looking like an embarrassing uncle while the likes of Rhianna and Justin Bieber look much less out of place in front of him.

His regular exclamations of "another one" or "we the best music" are peppered throughout his music, which should also be a lot more irritating than it actually is. In that sense, he’s like the American equivalent of Charlie Sloth.

DJ Khaled is the Marmite of hip-hop, so give Grateful a listen and decide whether you still love him or hate him because I can’t.