Creepy, Eerie, yet tempting. It's Honeyblood!

Indie | Wednesday 31st May 2017 | Rachel

Fearsome, relentless and ever invigorating. Honeyblood continue to fiercely impress.

Honeyblood, made famous for their power-pop grunge and enticing music videos that have always tackled the comfortable to make it the uncomfortable, have always created contrast with ease; such as their 'Super Rat' video released back in 2014. 

The two-piece made up from frontwoman Stina Tweeddale and drummer Cat Myers, have an unyielding nature to merge their softer, velvety sides with their rough rock and roll that make us all punk addicts. The outcome is ever gripping hooks that sway from punk rock to pop like melodic vocals. Catchy tune after catchy tune, and 'Walking at Midnight' is no stranger to this measure.

Their newest track 'Walking At Midnight',  the anthemic new single from their second LP,  the critically lauded Babes Never Die, follows suit as the two Glaswegian girls marry creepy with their sweet attitude yet again.

The surly video itself is directed by James Copeman, the beautifully shot, hypnotically eerie video features drag artist 'Virgin Xtravaganzah' and estranged frontwoman Stina Tweeddale in a take on the classic slasher format.

James eludes to the band's amazing dark power through the video, commenting that "Walking At Midnight instantly felt like the music playing over the climactic scene in a horror film. So I set out to create just that. Creating a moment in the story of a young vulnerable girl with a dark power."

Honeyblood have just come off their biggest UK headline tour and dates in Australia & Asia and are now gearing up to play London’s iconic Koko on the 16th June.