Keep Your Eye Out For The Band Setting The Dance-Rock World On Fire : Ivy Nations!

Indie | Friday 21st April 2017 | Rachel

Still in their budding stages of formation, Dublin natives Ivy Nations are settling into the indie-pop world steadily yet comfortably, with only two singles deep into their youthful career.

The rock-pop quartet arrived on the scene with their animated and bustling track ‘The Mile Road’, which has recently been followed up with ‘Live By Design’ and its thought-provoking new visuals. This Gorgeous yet sinister debut video is the first band has ever released.

‘Live By Design’ holds faithful to the energetic, dreamy sensibilities of the band's previous releases, but this time, they have pushed forward to deliver a much more satisfying bite. It’s been granted a darker gloss, with deeper, thumping bass, before splashing into an electric, and explosive dance-rock finish.

‘Live By Design’, both in song and mirrored in its video, portray the constraints of the everyday routine and its restrictions on our freedom. The imagery of boxes, pigeon holes and paths to be strictly followed eventually become destroyed in an exhilarating twist, and those expectations we were supposed to fulfil come crashing down, one foot print at a time. 

Director of the gripping video Benn Veasey and producer Rufus Pinkerton wrote 'a story focusing on the ideas of determinism, design, choice & freedom… in a dystopian world that was at once dated and a bit grubby, but at the same time really quite colourful and vibrant in places.'

The group have been praised for their refined sound that they have established well with producer Phil Magee, known for his work with Kodaline and The Script. Even in their early stages Ivy Nations are setting the dance-rock world on fire, and we hope they continue to do so. 

Listen to their older record 'The Mile Road'

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