In need of summer tunes? Kongsted got you covered

House | Tuesday 11th July 2017 | Rose

Electronic DJ & producer Kongsted has been successfully building a persona for himself on the Denmark DJ scene in Copenhagen for several years now, and it is easy to see why with his latest banger ‘Say My Name’.

Kongsted's popularity has already gained this song a crazy amount of listens (over 3 million plays) which makes him one of the number one DJs drawing attention to this city’s diverse DJ scene, which absolutely deserves to be heard.

'Say My Name' mixes synth pop with build ups and drops that are perfect for summer clubbing.

The music video is also WELL worth checking out - with a showcase of slick dance moves and roller blading in what looks like a Costco warehouse. Man, if only we all could have that much fun while shopping for multipack groceries.

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