Eddie Murphy working on 'Coming to America' sequel!

Other | Sunday 19th March 2017 | Idrees

Eddie Murphy is one of the most notable and recognisable celebrities of all time, exploding from Saturday Night Live, to a plethora of 80’s movies.

One of these movies was of course, Coming to America which showcased a hilarious tale of an African prince who settles in Queens, New York, to find a future wife.

This movie saw Murphy go through extensive makeup to play numerous characters, which is something he is well-known for.

With the movie seeing huge success, it was always wondered why we never saw a sequel. But that could all change now, as according to TMZ, Murphy is in fact working on a script.

It all began with a tweet featuring a picture of co-star Vanessa Bell Calloway, with the caption “Coming to America sequel?” The tweet has since been deleted, along with Murphy’s account.

TMZ report that Murphy is indeed working on a script, and that the tweet was not intended, as the announcement on his Twitter account was premature, and Murphy did not sanction it.

TMZ spoke with Vanessa Bell Calloway after the Twitter incident, asking her thoughts on the whole tweet as well as a possibility of a sequel.

“I’m wondering if Eddie was hacked, though – wasn’t there some big thing about Twitter being hacked?” 

“Because you know, Eddie’s a very private person as we know, he’s very – he’s a very kind man – but he’s very private and I really think that maybe it could’ve gotten hacked and that’s why it’s down because it’s not true, unfortunately. I mean, that’s something I thought – I don’t know for a fact, I haven’t talked to Eddie in years but I hope it is true. I hope I’m wrong. It would be a perfect sequel.”

Whose to know what to make of this, but the idea of Eddie Murphy returning to comedy, whether it is acting or simply just writing is something that’s very intriguing to all of us!