Justin Lin directs Netflix's Black Panther Drama 'The Stand Off'

Other | Friday 17th March 2017 | Idrees

The Netflix library continues to grow with now the addition of Black Panther movie, The Stand Off.

According to Deadline, Director Justin Lin teams with screenwriter Mark Heyman to work on The Stand Off which focuses on the infamous encounter between The Black Panthers and The SWAT team.

The film revisits the incident set in December 1969, where a newly formed Police unit, SWAT team, took on their first major operations, which was to raid the Los Angeles Headquarters of the Black Panther Party.

The movie will look at both perspectives, which resulted in the most intense battle in the city’s long history.

Lin is known for directing four of The Fast And The Furious and most recently Star Trek Beyond and Heyman is recognised for writing Black Swan which was nominated for five Academy Awards.

As well as directing, Lin will handle production under his Perfect Storm Entertainment banner, with Tobey Maguire via his Material Pictures banner.

At the time of writing, no word yet when we expect to see this film but we know this is one we cannot miss!