Martin Villeneuve Makes the Impossible Happen

Other | Monday 6th March 2017 | David

Making a low budget film can be tough, there's no denying that. You know what's even tougher? Making a low budget film with a ton of Hollywood-calibre visual effects.

So if you're an up and coming filmmaker with a passion for extravagant images, you might enjoy Martin Villeneuve's Ted Talk about his sci-fi movie Mars and April, which was based on his own graphic novel series.

Made for just $2,300,000, Villeneuve worked on Mars and April for seven years. One of the upsides of not having a major studio involved was that he didn't have to worry about hitting tight deadlines. Another major advantage was that Villeneuve was able to make the film exactly as he saw fit, without having to worry about studio interference or creative control issues.

Although it wasn't a huge commercial hit, Mars and April was still widely praised by critics and even recieved a Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. Clearly the hard work and effort paid off.

Villeneuve is currently working on an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's classic horror story From Beyond, whilst his brother Denis Villeneuve is directing the anticipated sci-fi sequel Blade Runner 2049.