Oh My God there's a black man next door! Met police kick in Stormzy's door!

Other | Wednesday 15th February 2017 | Osh

Oh My God there's a black man next door!

That's what they must have said when the neighbours saw Stormzy come home to his Chelsea flat. 

Next thing, two policemen have broken down his door according to The Independent, thinking he was a burglar.


Imagine... You strive all your life to get out of the hood. You say to yourself you are NOT going to be a drug dealer, a criminal, you are NOT going to put yourself in a position where the police can come crashing in your house at anytime, taking your dignity and reminding you of your blackness. 

What do you do? You work hard all your life, with the hustle only an underdog knows and you build yourself up, get yourself way further than most, astound your peers, make your parents happy, change your life, see that you too can make it, get a nice house in Chelsea and live with the best of them. Then, as if you had achieved nothing, down crashes the door and in come the police asking you what your doing in your own house. 

In this case, of course, they came out with nothing but we hope left an apology. Is an apology enough though? What can really be done to change the 'White gaze" that the Independent says in responsible.

You tell us in the comments below!